October 6, 2009

a trip to weber's farm.

Today, Bennet and I went to Weber's Cider Mill Farm to pick out a pumpkin! Our friends, the Smiths, met us there. Bennet always has a great time with his friends Scarlett and Ensley. A friend of mine from growing up, Beth, and her kids met us, too! With six kids between us, we had a wild time chasing them all over the farm!

Weber's had a Barnyard Activity Area set up for the kids. There were hay rides, mazes, animals and a hay stack maze. Our favorite part was the large slides that they had built into the hill. I was scared of them - they went so fast! Bennet wasn't scared at all. He would have spent the entire morning riding down the hill, had I not been exhausted from carrying him back up the hill every time!

Bennet also really enjoyed the hay stack maze. I was surprised he was so brave, and loved running through it, getting lost and then finding his way out! They had a bridge built above the maze for parents, and I was quite the nervous mom, trying to keep an eye on him as he ran through the maze. I could not believe he kept finding his way out of the maze, over and over. Kara said he was a baby Einstein, and I have to agree!

We picked out a big, heavy pumpkin and hauled it back to the city with us! Bennet was more interested in running around from stall to stall, looking at pumpkins than he was at actually picking one out. I hope I made a good choice!

I hope that we'll get to return to the farm again with Andrew. I think he'd love to take Bennet down that dangerous hill slide over and over! A boy and his dad have a bond over doing scary, unsafe things that I will never understand as a mommy!


April E. :) said...

Oh that looks like SO much fun. Where is it?

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