March 14, 2010

harper's first friend.

Andrew and I got to have dinner with good friends of ours, Tim and Laura, last night. We've been friends with them for several years - they even met at a bible study we used to hold in our house! Busy schedules always keep the four of us from getting together, so when we do get to hang out with them, it's so wonderful to chat and catch up!

Laura is pregnant with their first baby, also a little girl, and is due in May. With Harper due in July, we're excited that our girls will be the same age and will get to play together! We made sure to get a picture of Laura and I and the girls (in our bellies) last night, so when they are older we can tell them, "See, you were even hanging out together before you were born!"

It's such a treat to get to spend an evening eating a delicious dinner and talking with good friends!


April E. :) said...

Ohh that's adorable!! I hope when I get pregnant, I can be pregnant with a girlfriend too! :P

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