March 2, 2010

project 365: week 48

February 24, 2010: Bennet and I met my friend from growing up, Miranda, and her two sons for a play date at Port Discovery. Unfortunately, she and I both forgot to take pictures of the boys playing together! I did snap a picture of a very sleepy Bennet on the drive home from the museum!

February 25, 2010: I went upstairs for a few moments and came downstairs to find Bennet had snatched my glass of Coke, and was dipping his hands in the glass and licking Coke off of his hands. He's a boy after my own heart.

February 26, 2010: Recently, we solved a major storage issue in our house. We had piles of Bennet's VHS tapes around the living room, and could not figure out where to store them. Finally, Ikea came through for us with these black storage boxes. Everything looks so much more organized now!

February 27, 2010: As members of Port Discovery, we were invited to a breakfast kicking off their new Curious George exhibit. Bennet wasn't a fan of George or the Man in the Yellow Hat, but he did have fun playing with all of the activities in the exhibit!

February 28, 2010: Ashley came over for a visit and walked with Bennet to the convenience store on the corner to get a treat. He picked cheese curls. It was pretty entertaining to see him waltz in the door chomping on his very own bag of snacks.

March 1, 2010: Sophie snuggled up with Andrew while he checks work e-mail on his Blackberry.

March 2, 2010: Since we've been getting Bennet's hair cut with clippers at Great Clips, we decided to invest in a nice set of clippers and start cutting his hair at home. He was not a big fan the first time around, even with bribes of lolli-pops and "Bear in the Big Blue House." Hopefully, he'll get used to it as time goes on.


April E. :) said...

I am not a fan of THAT Man in the Yellow Hat's all wrong. :P

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