June 27, 2010

getting closer.

Two weeks from now, if she doesn't come before then, we'll be getting ready to be induced and meet Kennedy! Between the heat (it was 100 degrees here today!) and the cold I've been fighting for the past week, the end seems to be moving painfully slow. Being 37 weeks pregnant and officially "full term," I've been researching all sorts of midwifery websites trying to find ways to kick start my labor and get this baby out! It doesn't seem like there's much new information out there since I was pregnant with Bennet, but in addition to spicy food, walking, pineapple and other "activities" (tee hee,) I have added raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil to my labor-inducing arsenal. I know that, unless my body is ready for labor and Kennedy is ready to come out, these tactics won't help much, but it gives me peace of mind to at least feel like I'm trying!

We spent some time at my mom's house this afternoon, and Andrew braved the heat of my mom's attic to find me the box containing all of my baby stuff my mom had saved. She had kept the outfit I wore home from the hospital, and I wanted Kenendy to wear it, too, so I was thrilled to finally have it ready for her! Digging the dress out was one of the very last things on my "to do" list, so I'm ready when she is!

When we got home this afternoon, Bennet and I watched a segment from Sesame Street about when Baby Bear's baby sister, Curly Bear, was born and how special he felt when he was a big brother and got to visit her in the hospital. We've watched it a few times before, and he always studies it very closely. I think he's taking notes on how to be a great big brother!

It seems that all of us are ready for Kennedy's arrival. The question now is when will Kennedy be ready to meet her family? I'm hoping soon!


Miranda said...

You can try castor oil. I bought it with the intention on using it when I was pregnant with Weston. I never used it with him, but did use it with Grayson. It didn't work but it could work for you. A nurse that I spoke with said to just be careful to only take what is directed on the bottle or you can become seriously dehydrated if you take too much. (It makes you go to the bathroom).

April E. :) said...

Oh that dress!! So adorable!! Do you have any pictures from when you came home that you can take some of Kennedy to have side-by-side!??! So cute!! And what a good big brother Mr. B will be!!

Dispatcher #33 said...

my mom took castor oil when she was pregnant with me... and my grandma took it with some of her pregnancies. they both swear by it!

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