June 26, 2010

perverts in the water.

Bennet and I did some shopping this past week with some birthday gift cards we hadn't used yet. Lately, his favorite bath toy has been a book with foam puzzle pieces that he can take out of the book and stick to the bathroom tiles in the tub. When I saw a set of pirate bath toys, complete with boats, maps, trees, islands and more pirate items you could stick to the bathtub wall, I knew he would love it! We bought it and brought it home, and through the whole day, I told him how much fun he was going to have playing with his new pirates in the bath that night.

As soon as Bennet finished dinner, he told us he wanted to go upstairs to take a bath. This is abnormal around our house, so I asked him why he was so eager to get a bath. He said he wanted to play with his "perverts" in the water. He was talking about the pirates, of course, but his 2-year-old pronunciation of the word definitely sounded more like "perverts."

He's been having a great time taking a bath with the "perverts." We've been laughing about it non-stop around here. Life with a toddler is always amusing.


April E. :) said...

those better be the ONLY perverts that ever get that close to Mr B! Perverts you are on notice! :P

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