June 1, 2010

summer school.

Andrew and I decided last week to enroll Bennet in a summer preschool program. He seems to be developing a bit of separation anxiety and is extremely "Momma-focused." We assume this is partially because he is two and it's par for the course, and partially because he can sense that there's a baby coming and things are about to change drastically in our house. We really felt that getting him into a structured program where he could make new friends and spend some time away from me while getting used to other adults having authority would be good for him. The wonderful little school we already had him enrolled in for the fall also has a summer program, so last week I went in and signed him up. He'll go on Tuesday and Thursday mornings through the summer. He started today, and he did a great job!

When I dropped him off at his classroom, he ran right in! The director of the preschool shut the door and let him run off and it was ME that was teary-eyed, feeling sad that he ran off to play and I didn't even really get to say goodbye to him. I'm sure that was the best thing to do, and that as professionals, the teachers and staff there know the best way to get a kid acclimated to something so new, but I couldn't help but feel sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to him. Obviously it worked great because he made it through the whole morning and had a great time!

He did start crying for Momma at the end when the other moms showed up to pick up their little ones. He cried every time someone came to the door until I showed up - poor little guy! When I got there, he stopped crying, gave me a big hug and then ran away from me and said, "PLAY!" Clearly he had lots of fun and will be excited to go back. He didn't even want to get into the car to go home, I had to bribe him with promises of strawberries for lunch.

This week, the theme at his school is "Things That Grow." They'll be learning all about plants, vegetables and flowers. How appropriate to learn about growing on such a big week in his life - his first week of school. I'm so excited about his summer in preschool. I think it will be a great thing for our little Monkey!


April E. :) said...

this is so sweet! Mr. B's a schoolboy!! :)

Many Titles said...

Wow I am amazed that he went so well! And I am sure that was kind of a relief for you to know that he was having a great time. I keep meaning to make an appointment to go by there and check it out for little miss. You will have to let us know what fun things he is doing there.

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