July 20, 2010

project 365: week 68

July 14, 2010: We picked Bennet up from my mom's house on this morning, and officially started life with two kids in our house. It was a very surreal day for me, having them both together and getting my mind around loving two little people so much!

July 15, 2010: Kennedy was a little bit jaundiced after her birth, so we had to let her hang out in the sunlight a lot to help her get over it. Sophie was a little jealous that Kennedy had claimed her sun spot in the kitchen!

July 16, 2010: Kennedy's first headband. I put it on her to take a picture of her in it for her Grammy Gale, but then it looked so absolutely adorable that I made her keep it on all day. I'm definitely going to love having a little girl to dress up!

July 17, 2010: Bennet is such a great big brother. I am so impressed with how helpful he is and how much he loves Kennedy. I never thought he would take to the idea of a new baby sister so well. I'm so proud of my little guy!

July 18, 2010: Thanks to my pregnancy being over, I have lots of energy again! We've been loading the stroller up and going for long walks in the morning. Bennet loves getting out of the house and exploring the neighborhood and is always eager to get moving.

July 19, 2010: Kennedy and I had a long day. It was our first day with Andrew back at work, and we went on a long walk, and had some of Bennet's friends over to play. Then, we had a session with my friend April to do her newborn pictures in the evening. We were both beat by bedtime and welcomed it with open arms.

July 20, 2010: Today was one of those complete nightmare days for mommies. Rather than napping, Bennet decided to play around at the top of our stairs, singing and talking to himself. He had "Sheet," his blanket, with him and apparently he tripped on Sheet and fell down the stairs. I was washing bottles in the kitchen and had a full view of him bouncing down the stairs on his face. He scraped his head up, had a bloody nose, and has bruises all over his face, arms and chest. To make matters worse, he then fell down the stairs on our back porch and re-scraped his head and nose - all in the same day. Thankfully, as I've said before, freeze pops cure all ailments in our house.


Anonymous said...
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megsnbigd said...

Poor Sugar! Falling down the stairs is one of those innevitable childhood moments. But you all made it through! Great to see your family of four! She is adorable and you look great too! Way to go MOM!!!

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