July 20, 2010

co-ed bathing.

Bennet and Kennedy took their first bath together tonight. I have never seen such cuteness.

A week into having two kids, I am already tired of doing two separate bath times. I felt like we were taking two hours to get the kids in bed, and when I don't see Andrew for that many hours each night, that really cuts into our "together time." I was determined to find a solution. Andrew's grandma sent us some money as a baby gift, and I decided to buy a bath sling for Kennedy at Babies R Us. Kennedy, being the generous little sister that she is, also used a little bit of her present money to buy a Toy Story bath set and Toy Story bubble bath for Bennet. I told him that we had a surprise for him at bath time, and he was so excited. He was beyond excited when he got a hold of his Toy Story bath goodies!

I am such a big fan of bathing the two of them together. It was so nice to spend that time with both of them, washing them up and playing with them. Bennet even got to stay in the tub after Kennedy got out and got to play for a while longer. Then, I read them both a bedtime story together and we put them down to bed! The whole process was so much shorter and simpler, and Bennet really seemed to enjoy the change in routine - especially because Toy Story was involved!


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