July 21, 2010

my brave little water baby.

Bennet has not been a fan of pools so far in his life. This concerns me a little, especially since we're about to buy a house with a pool in the back yard! We had a major milestone today when we went to the pool at Riverside Park. Bennet went into the pool - all by himself!

The morning started out with Bennet running around the parameter of the pool, throwing toys in and laughing to himself. He was having a blast, but refused to get near the pool at all.

All of a sudden, I looked over to see him putting his legs in the pool and kicking. I didn't want to push him to get in the water, so I let him kick around at the edges of the pool for a while.

Kara was spinning her kids around in the water, so I finally asked him if he wanted Miss Kara to spin him around, too. Much to my surprise, he hopped into the pool and started playing with Kara, Scarlett and Ensley!

Once he got in, I couldn't get him out! He was running around and having fun, and kept saying to me, "Momma! I did it!"

Kennedy, on the other hand, slept on her blanket the whole time we were there. I know she'll wake up soon, but I am really enjoying her sleepy, newborn phase! She's been such an easy baby so far!

I was so happy that Bennet got into the pool on his own. This definitely gives me confidence that, if I leave him alone when we get to the new house, he'll be in the pool in no time!


April E. :) said...

Oh so exciting!! I keep forgetting you will have a pool! :P

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