August 12, 2010

one month old.

Kennedy is one month old today! It's so strange to think that a few weeks ago, she was not a part of our lives yet. She fits into our family so well that it seems like she's always been here!

Babies are miracles - seeing such a tiny, perfect, little person, you cannot doubt that God exists and cares for us so much. In Kennedy's birth and the weeks following, I have truly seen God's provision and love in a new way.

We made the crazy decision to move into a new house two weeks after her birth, and were worried about how much I'd be able to help so soon after delivery. My delivery was so easy and my recovery was so fast that I was unpacking boxes and getting things set up almost as quickly as I normally would have been able to. Kennedy has been the sleepiest baby. She sleeps and sleeps, and at almost 5 weeks old, I am still waiting for her to be awake more during the day so I can start playing with her and getting to know her. Having such a low-key, sleepy baby has made Bennet's transition into having to share Momma and Dada so much easier. Moving has been so much less stressful without a screaming newborn to take care of. During a time that should have been beyond stressful, we have been able to enjoy so much of the journey because of what a sweet baby she is. I truly feel that God made my delivery so simple and Kennedy's temperament so easy so that, during this transition, we would feel His hand on our lives and know how much He loves us.

Kennedy is such a blessing, and we feel so privileged to be her parents. We're getting settled into our new house in the 'burbs, and Bennet's getting used to being a big brother. I'm so excited to build memories and spend time together as a family. Our little family is complete, and Kennedy is the perfect fit into all of our lives.

We love you, Bean!


Many Titles said...

She is such a sweet little girl! Glad you guys have moved over into "the dark side"!!!

April E. :) said...

I wuv her.

Brandy said...

So sweet. I call Cassie Bean also....Love that nickname!

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