August 10, 2010

project 365: week 71

August 4, 2010: Poor Bean asleep in her Boppy pillow next to the moving boxes. I'm so glad we finally got everything unpacked and (except for the stuff we've stashed in the basement) are box free!

August 5, 2010: I had bought this baby doll quite some time ago to use for potty training, but Bennet had no interest in him. During the move, he came across him again in the basement and started carrying him everywhere with him. We named him "Baby Bobby," and he even has a baby bottle so Bennet can feed his baby when I'm feeding Kennedy. He burps Baby Bobby and wraps him in blankets. It's pretty cute!

August 6, 2010: We had lots of good friends over for dinner so they could check out the new house. Bennet was especially excited to have a "kids table" where he could sit with his friend, Tessie. They looked so cute sitting there together. I said it was sort of like seeing him on his first date. Not to play match-maker too early, but I think Tessie would be perfect for him! (Note poor Baby Bobby laying face-down on the ground. Bennet has a lot to learn about baby care!)

August 7, 2010: Since we are new to having a yard (grass) of our own, Andrew needed to buy a lawn mower and a weed wacker. I entertained Bennet by letting him pretend to drive all of the tractors while Andrew shopped.

August 8, 2010: Bennet constantly amazes me with what a good big brother he is. Kennedy was crying in her swing and I went in to check on her, only to find that Bennet had gotten there first and was trying to comfort his baby sister!

August 9, 2010: Kennedy was 4 weeks old today! We decided, since she was a month old, to start trying to put her to sleep without being swaddled. She took a nap and went to bed unswaddled without any problems! I love seeing her in these sweet nightgowns. Oh, the girliness!

August 10, 2010: Bean got this cute, snuggly blanket from one of Andrew's coworkers. She loves to get wrapped up in it and then sleep in her vibrating bouncer seat.


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