October 19, 2010

a finished fall swap.

A few weeks ago, I posted about participating in a Fall Favs Swap through my bestest friend, April's, blog. Swap time has come and gone, and I am so excited about the cute things that my swap partner, Brandy, sent me in the mail! Here's a picture of the sweet, little presents that showed up on my doorstep last week:

Brandy packed everything in a cute, reusable bag. I love it - it's much cuter than all of the reusable bags I have that have grocery store logos on them! In the bag were snugly socks (which I had already worn and washed by the time I took this picture!,) apple butter from the National Apple Harvest Festival, "Twilight" conversation hearts candies (Oh, Edward, I love you so.,) and a really neat wine glass painted in a "Mommy's Time Out" theme. Brandy was a great swap partner - it was so much fun getting such girlie presents in the mail!

The wine glass is definitely my favorite, as after the long days I have every day with a 2 1/2 year old and an infant, I love nothing more than unwinding on the couch with a glass of wine once the kiddos are in bed. Here's an up-close picture of it - it says all kinds of funny things like "Okay kids, it's time to watch a video!" and "Mommy's therapy is in session." Too, too funny.

I hope Brandy loved my swap items as much as I loved hers! Because a lot of my readers also read Brandy's blog, I won't post a picture of what I sent her way until later! I want to give her a chance to do her own post about it first!

Thanks to Brandy for some great swap presents, and thanks to April for hosting this Fall Favs Swap! It's always exciting to get a special treat in the mail that's just for you!


Brandy said...

terri I am so happy that you enjoyed all the goodies, it was first time doing a swap, and of course I was worried. The Wine Glass was my fave too!!!! Happy Fall to you!

April E. :) said...

Yeah! She was so excited about the wine glass! Perfect!! Thanks for participating TT! :)

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