October 8, 2010


The kids and I have been making lots of friends in our new town. I found a local chapter of Moms Club in Pasadena, and have been attending lots of monthly events and meeting other moms in the area. Already, we've made some good friends and find ourselves pretty busy with events and activities with our new pals!

This morning, we met my new friend, Jess, at one of the local parks for some playtime and a morning walk. Bennet was smitten with her daughter, Ruby, and spent the morning following her around the playground and trying to get her attention. When we went for a walk on the park's walking trail, I couldn't believe it when I turned around to see Bennet and Ruby walking hand-in-hand. He's such a little charmer!

When he did let go of her hand to check out the woods, Ruby said, "Bennet, hold my hand!" and he rushed right back to her side. He even gave her a hug before we got into our cars in the parking lot. It seems I have quite the ladies' man on my hands!


April E. :) said...

omagosh...that's stinkin' cute. I am squealing with glee...what a little man! :)

Liz S. said...

sooo stinking adorable. It looks like I have some competition now!

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