October 24, 2010

a nice little sunday.

The weather is exceptionally warm and sunny for fall here in our neck of the woods. After church, we decided to go to one of our local parks for a picnic lunch. Bennet got to play on the playground with Dada, and Kennedy got to snuggle with me and nap on our blanket. It was a great afternoon.

When the kids woke up from their naps, we went for a long walk, and then spent quite a while sitting on the back porch playing. Bennet is newly obsessed with stink bugs, and I talked him into picking one up and taking it for a ride in one of his matchbox cars. He kept getting frustrated because the stink bug was crawling out and wouldn't stay still long enough for him to ride him around in the car. Oh, Bennet...such drama.

Days like today, I love to sit back and reflect on what beautiful little ones we've been blessed with, and how good God has been to our family. What a pretty, sunny, happy Sunday with our sweet babies!


Miranda said...

The picture of Kennedy sleeping and of Bennet crying are the best ever! It was so much fun hanging with you today!

April E. :) said...

Oh my word...i am cracking up...the stink bug in the car and Mr. B's drama face.

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