October 4, 2010

project 365: week 78

September 22, 2010: Dinner out! Andrew took us to dinner after work. Bennet loved sitting with Dada and eating his grilled cheese!

September 23, 2010: I love finding toys in funny places around my house. Once Bennet was in bed, I noticed that Bennet had been playing "Little People" under the dining room table. Apparently the farmer was giving the pilot a ride in the construction truck!

September 24, 2010: Snot, snot and more snot! Bennet and I were both sick, and we both spent the morning going to doctor appointments. We each ended up with a course of antibiotics and Bennet also got a lollipop and an Elmo sticker!

September 25, 2010: When we first moved in, we ordered the matching sideboard to our dining room set and it finally came in! An added bonus to having it is that my mom handed down my grandmother's china to me! She always promised me that, once I had a big enough house, she'd send it all my way. I'm so glad she did - it's beautiful and I can't wait to use it!

September 26, 2010: See Kennedy's bow? It stayed on throughout the entire day - church, lunch, naptime, the afternoon - all because I did some research online about how to get baby bows to stay in. Turns out, putting a little bit of KY Jelly on the bow and then putting the bow in her hair makes bows stay put! What a neat little trick!

September 27, 2010: Bennet likes to watch the musical numbers from Glee! I usually watch it, and then go back through with him and fast forward to all of the music. It's so funny to see him dance around and ask "What's next?" when each song ends!

September 28, 2010: Bennet all dressed up for School Picture Day! The goat he is holding is part of the toys he snagged at the flea market the weekend before!


Many Titles said...

Besides the fact that it helps make bows stay in which is much needed.... I am dying that its KY though. Who even thought to do that? I am dying laughing!

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