November 24, 2010

a really great deal on a really great gym.

I recently was able to try out a two-week trial membership at a local gym, Transformations Pasadena. I have a contract with another gym for a while still, but Kennedy can't go to the childcare there until she is 6 months old (which, as a side note, is ridiculous) so I have been left to my own devices as far as working out is concerned. Working out after baby is an important part of losing baby weight, and I really enjoyed my time working out at Transformations Pasadena. The classes absolutely kicked my butt, and my butt needed kicking! The childcare was wonderful, and both Bennet and Kennedy loved it there. Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom on a budget, I could not afford memberships at both gyms. When my trial membership was up, I was back to running at the park or going for walks to get my exercise in until January when Kennedy is old enough for childcare at my current gym.

Today, I was very, very excited to see that the Living Social deal for Baltimore is a 20-class pass to any of the three Transformations locations (Odenton, Pasadena, Catonsville) for $20! 20 classes will push me through to January nicely. I can't wait to get back into the gym!

Childcare is included in the pass, too - so it's really a steal of a deal! If you've been wanting to try Transformations, or if you're looking for a cheap way to get in some challenging workouts that will bring you some major results (while someone watches your kids!) - this is the deal for you, ladies!

To take advantage of this deal, click HERE.

Hope to see you at the gym!


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