November 26, 2010

project 365: week 86

November 17, 2010: Another glorious moment when Bennet spent an extended period of time playing with Kennedy. He kept showing her pieces of his Little People barn and playing with her. I love seeing how she smiles and laughs at her big brother. She really thinks he is the coolest!

November 18, 2010: One of Bennet's best pals at school is Zachary. Zachary's mom, Amy, happens to be super fun and super nice, so we've been trying to get the boys together outside of school lately. We took them to Chick-Fil-A one afternoon when we picked them up from preschool, and they held hands and played together the whole time. So cute!

November 19, 2010: Beanie hates all baby foods but apples and pears. If I try to feed her anything else - squash, carrots, sweet potatoes - she cries and freaks out until we feed her fruit. Seems slightly early to be so picky - but what do I know? I'm just the mommy.

November 20, 2010: When we put the kids to bed at night, Bennet often asks, "Momma wash Nennet? Momma wash Nennet?" He usually wants me to put him to bed, not Daddy. It's one of the cutest things he says right now, at least in this Momma's opinion!

November 21, 2010: We did a little bit of leaf-raking in the front yard with Bennet. He had a blast diving into the leaf piles! Lucky for him, we have a huge tree in our front yard that is sure to be a good source of leaf piles every fall!

November 22, 2010: The kids and I stopped into Giant to buy some formula for Kennedy. In addition to getting to push his little, green shopping cart, Bennet was excited that the cashier gave him a candy cane! First one of the season - yum!

November 23, 2010: I love getting baby hand me downs from Freecycle! We went to our local Freecycle group's "Free Yard Sale" a few weekends ago, and I left with tons of boxes of clothes for both of the kids! In with the 3-6 months girls' clothes was this sweet, little bear coat for Kennedy. I love the fuzzy ears on the hood!


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