December 6, 2010

make DIY photo coasters from bathroom tile.

I've come across more than one blog tutorial lately on making your own photo coasters. I wanted so much to find a great DIY Christmas gift for the grandparents and great grandparents, so I was excited to check out the ideas floating around out there and figure out an easy, inexpensive Christmas gift that the kids and I could make for our family! After some tweaking, and some combining of different blog posts out there, I came up with some really adorable photo coasters that were affordable and lots of fun to make! Here's how I did it:

4 X 4 tiles (I used white, bathroom tiles that I bought at Lowes for about 30 cents a piece!)
photos, cut to 3 X 3 squares
tacky glue
craft paint
sponge paint brushes
outdoor modge podge
hot glue gun
3.5 X 3.5 felt squares (for bottom of coasters)

I gathered my tiles, and cut photos of the kids to 3 X 3 squares.

I used glue to adhere the photos to the tile before sealing them with Modge Podge.

After gluing the photos to the tiles, I decided that I wanted to add a "kid" border to each coaster, so I sponge-painted a border on each coaster with craft paint.

I chose to use Outdoor Modge Podge for my coasters, to get some extra water-proofing from the condensation from glasses. I did 3 coats of Modge Podge on the coasters to seal them.

Once the Modge Podge had dried, I hot-glued 3.5 X 3.5 felt squares to the bottom of each tile, to keep the coasters from scratching tables.

They turned out really great, and were a big hit when we passed them out on our visit to Andrew's family this past weekend!

I'm so happy with how they turned out! I even let Bennet help with the sponge painting, so he could proudly tell Grandma and Great Grandma that he helped make their Christmas gift!



Jill said...

I'm making these for little gifts this year too. I'd been wondering bout what kind of modpodge to use, but i think you're right to go with the outdoor stuff!

Erin said...

What a cute idea! I think I might steal this from you and make Jon some stocking stuffers using pictures of our cat and dogs. So simple and so adorable!

- Sarah :-) said...

They are super cute!! What a gerat idea... and you were able to adhere them and mod-podge them with the pics being on regular photo paper? Oh how fun!! This opens so many possibilities for making coasters.

Terri said...

Sarah - Yes, just a little tacky glue and a Modge Podge covering, and regular photo prints should adhere!

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