December 22, 2010

merry christmas!

My wonderful husband gets two weeks off every year during the holidays. His holiday time off is always one of my favorite times of the year. We get to spend every day hanging out, doing things with the kids, preparing for Christmas, and enjoying time together as a family. This is his vacation from work, and my vacation from stay-at-home mommyhood - having his help with the kids all day, every day for two weeks!

Today, we took the kids to have their picture taken with Santa and, despite a 45-minute wait in line at the mall, the kids were well-behaved and smiley for their photo op with the man in the red suit...

Santa also warned Andrew and I that a big snow is coming - so we're preparing for some wintry weather and lots of downtime together - enjoying some family time! After all - Santa doesn't lie!

All things considered, I'm placing myself on an "I'll get to it when I get to it" leave as far as blogging goes. I have big plans for the next few days - but, since I only get two uninterrupted weeks with my dear husband each year, blogging is going on the back-burner until early 2011 - when he returns to work.

Please stay tuned, as I have some sweet reviews and giveaways headed your way!

Until then...we'll see you when we see you!
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