January 4, 2011

all good things…

All good things must come to an end, right?  This morning, Andrew headed back to work and Bennet went back to preschool after both of them having two weeks off!  We had such a fun vacation – and I am truly sad to see it end.  It will, however, be nice to get back into the normal routine again. 


We’re sending Bennet to preschool today with two changes of clothes packed in his backpack.  I’m so nervous for him – heading off to school for the first time as a “potty trained” toddler!  We still have a ways to go before I’d actually call him potty trained, but I would say that more than half the days since we started out he has remained dry all day, with no accidents.  That’s definitely something to celebrate!  When he left this morning, I asked him what he should do if he has to use the potty at school and he said, “Tell Ms. Cathy, Ms. Annette!”  so hopefully he’ll do just that!


I sent Andrew off to work with all of the leftover cookies and snacks we’d accumulated over the holiday.  Today, it’s back to sensible eating!  And, since Kennedy is almost 6 months old now and can go to child care at our gym, today is also back-to-the-gym day!  K and I have our sights set on a 9:30 spinning class.  I can’t wait to work out again!

Despite my not-so-disciplined eating over the past two weeks, I somehow managed to loose about a pound a week – so I’m down to 13 pounds to go until I hit wedding weight!  I’m looking forward to adding working out at the gym into the mix, and to really hitting the ground running today and shaking off this last 13!

It’s back to the blogging world for me, now that things are quieting down around our house!  I’m going to be running several reviews and giveaways this week – so stick with me!


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