January 11, 2011

project 365: week 93

project 365


January 5, 2011:  We’re in the process of hanging pictures on our walls, since we’re finally feeling settled into the new house and ready to do so!  I bought primary colored picture frames from Ikea this summer for Bennet’s room, and we painted photo mats for them on this day.  Now, I just need to order pictures for them and get them on his wall!


January 6, 2011:  Just a photo of the usual, 2-year-old shenanigans that go on in our house on a daily basis!


January 7, 2011:  Beanie has decided that she wants NO part of me feeding her baby food.  She either requires that I dip her spoon in baby food and let her feed herself, or that I put food on her high chair tray and let her feed herself.  Since she has no teeth, all meal planning requires creativity.  We’ll figure it out – I just love that our little “Miss Independent” wants to do it herself!


January 8, 2011:  This seems to be Kennedy’s first week as the star of our 365 – and I find it appropriate since lately, I’m finding myself completely in love with her and absolutely spellbound by everything she does.  On this morning, Andrew and Bennet went out to have a “boy” day, while Kennedy and I stayed home in our pajamas.  She is teething like crazy, and was only happy with a teether in each hand!


January 9, 2011:  Bennet and Kennedy love each other so much.  Kennedy is so interested in everything her big brother does – and he does such a good job playing with her and including her!


January 10, 2011:  Kennedy loves playing in the little toy bin I keep for her in the living room.  She really enjoys digging around in it – pulling out new toys and checking them out!  We’ve been letting her have short playtimes throughout the day without her helmet, since the heaviness of the helmet makes it harder for her to sit up on her own.


January 11, 2011:  I’ve already said in this post that Kennedy is an extremely independent eater.  Tonight, she had steamed carrots and cornbread for dinner and was happier than I’ve ever seen her at dinner time.  She LOVES feeding herself.  What an independent daughter we’re raising.  I said to Andrew tonight at dinner, “Kennedy is chunky and looks like the kind of girl who likes her some cornbread.”  I was right!  That’s my girl!


April E. :) said...

I am lovin' beanies hair...it's gonna be super cute the longer it gets. I have some strange fascination with seeing babies grow hair...it's always like a crazy mystery to see how it will turn out!

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