January 27, 2011

snow day!


Today is Bennet’s first “snow day.” Since he has been in preschool, this is the first day he has ever been off school due to the weather! We’ve had a great day – lounging around in our pajamas, making crafts and painting, playing in the basement (well, he played – I sewed!) We finally managed to get dressed around 11, and met my mom and grandma down the street at a restaurant for lunch.



When we came back from lunch, we played in the snow for a bit. Unfortunately, the ice storm that followed the snowfall has made the snow a little too crunchy to do much with – but we did manage to build a small, sad snowman and throw some snowballs. Also unfortunate was that I had to quickly put an end to the snowball fight, as the snow was way too icy and heavy, and I feared someone would lose an eye.



Both wee ones are exhausted and napping – which is just how I like ‘em! By the time they wake up, our snow day will be drawing to a close. I think Bennet had a fun snow day – even with the icy conditions!



Lainie Fagan said...

I love that u are able to share these precious moments with your little nuggets. To me u r super mom! I love your blogs.

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