January 28, 2011

icy diamond tote review.


After seeing a few reviews for the Icy Diamond Tote, I was really interested in the product.  Icy Diamond Totes are small cooler bags that moms can use to carry snacks, drinks, medicine and more.  As someone who always seems to be carrying string cheese, juice boxes, yogurt and other items that need to be kept cold – the Icy Diamond Tote seemed to be something I could definitely use!  I “liked” Icy Diamond Totes on Facebook, and was pretty excited when, shortly after, I was chosen as one of the monthly winners of my very own Icy Diamond Tote!


When my Icy Diamond Tote came in the mail – I instantly knew it would become a must-have item in my daily routine.  The Icy Diamond Tote is insulated inside and comes with two ice packs to keep it cool.  It can be carried with a strap or as a fanny pack – or can be attached to a diaper bag with the carabineer hook that comes with it.  I couldn’t wait to load it up and try it out!


We were headed out to run errands – and I loaded my Icy Diamond Tote up with string cheese and a sippy cup of milk for Bennet.  When we had lunch later that day, I was excited to find that both were still cold – just like they had been kept in the fridge! 


My favorite thing about the Icy Diamond Tote is the size.  It’s small, and fits right inside of my diaper bag.  It’s basically a mini-fridge that I can easily carry with me to  keep the kids’ stuff cold!

I’m so excited that I was chosen as the winner of an Icy Diamond Tote!  To get your own chance at winning an Icy Diamond Tote – be sure to “like” Icy Diamond Totes on Facebook!  If you don’t want to leave getting your hands on such a great product to chance – visit the Icy Diamond Totes website and shop around for yourself!  Entering code “COOL2010” will score you 30% off your online order!

Icy Diamond Totes are definitely very cool in my book…no pun intended!


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