January 29, 2011

a weight loss update.

About a month ago, I finally blogged about my recent weight loss.  I was down 63 pounds at that point, and I am proud to say that, as of my weigh-in yesterday – I have lost 66 pounds and am feeling great!  It seems strange to me to have only lost 3 pounds in the last few weeks, but I’ve also reached some big milestones in my weight loss journey.


I’ve hit the 150’s.  Although I do have a way to go, getting into this range on the scale has been a mini-goal of mine.  I’ve always felt thin in the 150’s – so the week I finally weighed in there was a happy one for sure!

I’ve started working out.  Kennedy finally turned 6 months old – which means she’s old enough to go to the kids room at my gym.  It has been amazing to get to the gym a few times a week and get in a good workout.

I stopped taking Phentermine for 2 weeks, and maintained my weight.  I noticed the effects of Phentermine were wearing off, and did some reading up on how your body can build up a tolerance to the medication over time.  Everything I read suggested giving your body a break and then re-starting Phentermine.  I maintained my weight loss by eating healthy during that break and when I re-started Phentermine last weekend – it started working just like it did in the beginning!

Re-starting Phentermine was a difficult decision, as most days I feel really content at my current weight and am starting to have doubts about the need to reach “wedding weight.”  I saw my doctor a few weeks ago to check in with her, and I had hoped she’d agree.  Instead, she told me that even “wedding weight” was not a good weight for me, and that I needed to weigh 145 or less to have a healthy BMI.  That’s been quite a struggle for me – deciding whether or not to press on to the weight my doctor is recommending.  It’s definitely hard to focus on those last few pounds when you’re feeling good and dreaming of the days when dieting is behind you!


In the end, I decided that I do owe it to myself to try to hit 145.  I may not get there, because the truth is – I am getting laaaaaaazy.  I’m really ready to get back to living a normal life – at a happy weight, feeling healthy, working out – and I’m just not sure how important 14 more pounds is in the grand scheme of things.

So – for now I’ll say I have 14 pounds to go until my “goal weight” – and insert the disclaimer that this all may end with me deciding that 159 is a happy weight for this Momma!


Many Titles said...

You look great!!!!! You give us all hope that it can be done!

sunnymum said...

You're doing great! Best wishes moving forward!

April E. :) said...

I am so proud of you TT!!! When are we doing the weekly weigh in thing?

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