February 9, 2011

book review – god loves me more than that

We’ve been reading God Loves Me More Than That quite a bit in our house. The book is a story of a little boy who questions how big God’s love for him really is. Throughout the book, the little boy learns that God loves him - more than the bumbles in a bumble bee, higher than a spaceship flying by, and wider than the prairies where the cowboys ride – and that’s just the beginning! God Loves Me More Than That lists page after page explaining the width and depth and height of God’s love in a way that kids can really understand.


I’ve really enjoyed reading this book with Bennet, as he is starting to reach an age where he has an understanding of church and bible stories and of our need for God. I have found God Loves Me More Than That to be a wonderful resource for helping a small child grasp a concept as complex as God’s love for us.

I never know what to get the little ones in our lives for christenings or baby dedications – and I think God Loves Me More Than That may become one of our go-to gifts! I’m happy to have found a book that will help my kids understand the depth of God’s love for them!


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