February 8, 2011

project 365: week 97

project 365


February 2, 2011:  We did a mystery shop at a local restaurant – and the restaurant happened to have deep fried pickles on the appetizer menu!  Kennedy had her first deep fried pickle – and she seemed to like them as much as her momma!  Yum!


February 3, 2011:  Bennet loves sitting with Kennedy on her play mat, reading books to her.  He is such a sweet big brother – always wanting to play with her or do things to make her giggle at him.


February 4, 2011:  Our friends, Cory & April, came over for dinner and brought a yummy port wine that one of Cory’s co-workers made himself!  This co-worker of Cory’s happens to go to our church = I’m hoping we get invited to a wine tasting soon!


February 5th, 2011:  On our Saturday grocery-shopping trip, Bennet and Kennedy got to ride in a car shopping cart together for the first time.  Kennedy only made it for a few minutes before Bennet got too rough with her and made her cry.


February 6, 2011:  Superbowl Sunday.  The Steelers really let us all down.  Even Sophie wrapping herself in the Terrible Towel couldn’t help them.


February 7, 2011:  I tried a new pizza recipe – Bacon Potato – and it was pretty amazing!  Kennedy especially loved eating the mashed potatoes off of it, and teething on the crust!


February 8, 2011:  Goofing off with the camera at bedtime, I somehow got a photo of them both looking at the camera, sticking out their tongues.  These wonderful photo ops only come along once in a great while!


Kara said...

Your kiddos are adorable! Thanks so much for stopping my my blog. I'm glad Kennedy liked my pizza. :)

Clara in Paradise said...

Your boy looks a lot like Anthony. Strong genes, huh?

They are lovely. If you ever come to visit your cousin I hope I get to meet you. Loving your blog.

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