February 3, 2011

joy of love: day three


03: then and now


I had planned for my “then and now” photo to be of Sophie today, but being conscious of the daily theme of this project has my eyes open to photo ideas all the time. Bennet was at preschool this morning and, as Kennedy and I were walking into Target to run some errands, I was reminded of the summer, when she and I spent many a Tuesday or Thursday morning browsing through Target while Bennet was at school. We had just moved into the new house, and she was still less than a month old. We’d get to Target, where I’d feed her a bottle in the Starbucks there, while I drank an iced chai latte. Then, we’d shop – spending way too much money on things for our new home. I remember people stopping me to admire her, and how they would comment on how well I was doing to be out and about so soon after delivery. I’d then wow them by telling them I also had a two-year old, who was at preschool, and that we had just moved into a new home, which was why we were there shopping. She was so tiny then. I cannot believe she is almost seven months old. Just like old times, she fell asleep in the shopping cart, and I was able to snap this beautiful photo of her outside in the parking lot, using the bright sunshine that we’re lucky enough to have today as my lighting! Oh, baby girl, can’t you just stay this small, and sweet, and sleepy-faced? Please?

As much as I miss my teeny-tiny newborn of “then,” I am so completely smitten with this beautiful, silly, happy, little girl that I’m blessed to spend every day with “now.”


April E. :) said...

Oh TT. This is just the sweetest picture!

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