February 2, 2011

joy of love: days one and two

I recently came across a 28-day February photo class – The Joy of Love - offered by Willette Designs, and I was so excited! While I’m still taking photos of the kids with my feeble point-and-shoot, I have a fancy camera on my “want” list for when we sell our city home and have some spending money! When I saw this class, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to learn some photography techniques for when I have my dream camera to use! I signed up last night and, since that put me one day behind, I had a double assignment to finish today. Here’s what I came up with for days one and two!

01: what they do


One of the things that Bennet is always doing right now is learning. He loves to explore and discover, and is so hungry for information. In this photo, he is playing with a little laptop that plays alphabet games and teaches about letters. He really concentrates when he is trying to learn something. I love how interested he is in the world around him!

02: how they look


This is how Kennedy looks at her big brother. She is so in love with Bennet, and is interested in everything he does. I love seeing my kids interacting and playing together!

I can’t wait to use this class as an extra-special way to spend some time taking a close look at the people I love.

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