February 16, 2011

joy of love days fifteen and sixteen


15: kiss


My sweet Bean.  My last tiny baby.  I just love to kiss all over her and love her.  Her sweet, tiny feet are one of my favorite parts of her body.  Tiny toes, tiny heels, tiny shoes – I’m so smitten by this baby girl – every part of her!

16: together


Today’s Joy of LOVE prompt was to take a photo of you together with some of the people you love.  As with anything involving toddlers and infants, it did not turn out well.  I couldn’t get Kennedy to look at the camera, and Bennet wouldn’t stop covering his eyes.  Sheesh.  I love these babies, though – cooperative or not!


Yasher said...

LOL All mothers know EXACTLY what you are talking about! It's impossible to get them to do what we want sometimes, especially when a camera is involved! Love those tiny toes! :)

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Very cute! :) Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your weekend, and Blessings!

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