February 16, 2011

weight loss update #2.

As of my last post about weight loss, nothing much has happened.  I’m thrilled that I have maintained my weight, and for the last few weeks I’ve admittedly been lazy.  I stopped taking Phentermine a while ago because it was making me feel hyper and keeping me awake at night.  Since I had never had such side effects before, I decided that my body was probably telling me it was time to stop.  My doctor agreed and, for right now, I’m just making healthy eating choices and working out and trying to maintain the progress I’ve made.

When we went out for our Valentine’s Day dinner date – I actually felt thin & pretty.  I hadn’t felt that way in a long time, and it was all the confirmation that I needed that, even if I don’t loose more weight, I’m happy if I just maintain here, in the high 150’s.


A few weekends ago, I bought these amazing Guess jeans at a thrift store…


They’re a smaller size than I would have guessed would fit me, and they’re much lower than jeans I normally wear.  The white embroidery on the legs looks summery to me – and as soon as I tried them on, I knew they would be my new motivation.  After dropping 66 pounds, a lot of the remaining weight is going to be toning and working on target areas.  And so, my new goal is to wear these super-low, sexy jeans out on a date night with Andrew this summer…and feel great in them!

I’ve been using SparkPeople lately for food journaling and calorie counting, and I recently found where I had entered my measurements into my profile way back when I first started taking Phentermine in October!  It was inspiring to see that, since then, I’ve lost…

- 8 inches from my waist

- 4 inches from my hips

- 5 inches from each thigh

- 2 inches from each upper arm

That means, since October alone, I’ve lost 26 inches!  That’s a lot of person to loose!

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing things like joining Weight Watchers, or taking Alli – because I would love to lose that last 15 pounds I’m carrying around.  Whatever I end up doing, I know that, even if I stay where I am, I’m feeling confident, beautiful and happy! 

Now, off to go clean the house and get some exercise – because those Guess jeans are calling my name and telling me to move!


Michelle said...

You're a rockstar! That's awesome and those jeans rock!

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