February 24, 2011

Joy of LOVE days twenty, twenty one, twenty two & twenty three!

Gotta get caught up on all of the Joy of LOVE goodness, here!


20: when they’re home


Andrew took the kids to church on Sunday morning, so I could rest my knee/ankle injuries in peace.  When the kids came home, Kennedy was so happy to see her Momma!  I love this little Bean so much – she’s such a happy, little thing!

21: hands


This is a picture of my hand, but I took it because we had a little in-home date night – which definitely says LOVE to me!  I had gotten the good report from my doctor about the injuries from my fall, and we put the kids to bed a little early, and had sushi in the living room to celebrate!  And, if you’re wondering, sushi from BJ’s is actually pretty good!

22: face


Look at this sweet face!  Bennet is getting so smart – too smart for his own good!  You can see the mischief in his little eyes in this picture!  Who knows what this kid will do next!  That’s why I love him!

23: facebook

00 041

The assignment for this day was to go through old Facebook photos and find an old picture of you and the person you love.  The cold weather always makes me reminiscent of our days in California, and this photo of us on Pismo Beach is one of my favorite pictures we took in those days!


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