February 21, 2011

Luster Tooth Whitening–Review.


Since losing weight, I’ve noticed that my face has gotten thinner, and my smile has gotten more noticeable.  I had started to notice that my teeth were slightly yellow and discolored, most likely another side effect of two pregnancies.  I had looked into tooth whitening treatments at the dentist, and, since they weren’t in our budget, I turned my research efforts to in-home tooth whitening products.  When I came across Luster 1 Hour White, I was hopeful.  Luster 1 Hour White claims to be similar to professional whitening light technology, and to be created by dentists.  Luster also promises to whiten teeth up to six shades lighter in just an hour!  


Luster sent me their 1 Hour White tooth whitening kit to try out for myself.  The kit includes mouth rinse, whitening gel, and a light to activate the whitener.  The instructions seemed basic enough – swish the mouth rinse around in your mouth, paint your teeth with the whitening gel, then shine the light on your teeth for two minutes.  I couldn’t wait to get started!


I did my Luster tooth whitening as I was getting ready for church on a Sunday morning.  It was super-easy, and I held the whitening light with one hand while I got dressed, put on make-up, and did some cleaning in our room!  Luster recommends that you do at least 10 repetitions with the whitener and light, but suggests 20 repetitions for maximum whitening.  I got to 18 times before it was time to leave for church and I had to get moving!


I was very impressed with the Luster 1 Hour White system!  Not only did my teeth get much whiter, but they also looked shinier and brighter than they did before.  It’s been about three weeks since I used Luster, and my teeth still look great!  Luster also sent me their White 7 Toothpaste to try, and I’ve enjoyed maintaining my results by brushing with it daily!


Luster recommends a touch-up application every few months, and I’ll definitely be using it again to keep my teeth looking white and bright!  I was pleased to learn you can purchase Luster products at lots of drug and grocery stores, as well as online.  There are even printable coupons for Luster products on their website! 

I’m so glad Luster gave me the opportunity to try out 1 Hour White.  I’ve seen at-home whitening treatments before and have been nervous to put the expense into trying them, but Luster products do what they claim and seem like they’d be money well spent!



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