March 1, 2011

project 365: week 100

I can’t believe I’m only a few short weeks from finishing my 2nd year of Project 365.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to continue it for a third year.  I’ve looked into some other similar ideas, and can’t decide if it’s time to try something new or if I should continue on with more of the same.  Decisions, decisions…

project 365


February 23, 2011:  This is Beanie’s new favorite place in the house to be.  She loves sitting on this quilt, playing with her little box of random baby toys.  Sometimes she’ll sit there for an hour, checking out everything in the box and chewing on everything!


February 24, 2011:  To celebrate my new freelance job, and having a tiny amount of money to spend on frivolous things, I bought myself this beautiful necklace from an Etsy shop I love – ALovellyDesign.  It has two peas in a pod – for my two babies – and each of the leaves is stamped with a letter – one with a “b” and one with a “k.”  It’s so pretty.  I am really pleased with how it turned out!


February 25, 2011:  This picture cracks me up.  It had been a sunny morning, unseasonably warm for February.  We were driving home from a play date, and I was so inspired by the warm weather that I decided to stop into Michael’s to buy supplies to make a Spring wreath.  While we were in the store, it started raining and hailing!  We got absolutely soaked trying to make it out to the car, and I took this shot of Bennet and I, looking like drowned rats!  So much for my Spring weather!


February 26, 2011:  My doughnut pan came in the mail, and I was so excited to bake doughnuts for our Saturday morning breakfast.  They looked yummy, but didn’t taste so good.  I need to research some better cake doughnut recipes for our next attempt!


February 27, 2011:  Another lovely day weather-wise, and the entire family went for a walk around our neighborhood.  Bennet refused to try to use the potty before we left, and peed his pants on the playground.  I think he learned that it’s always better to check to see if you need to go before you leave for a walk, because today we went for another walk and he went and used the potty before we left without an argument!


February 28, 2011:  Dinner – White Chicken Chili and mini cornbread muffins.  Amazing.  Yum.


March 1, 2011:  It was sunny outside today, but a little chilly.  Bennet wanted to play in the back yard while I made lunch, so I stuck Kennedy on the back porch in her Bumbo to soak in some sun.  She looks pretty ridiculous crammed into the seat with her bulky snow suit on.  Poor Bean.


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Bundled up Kennedy in the bumbo is just TOOO cute!!

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