April 20, 2011

Catching up!

I honestly don’t know where my head has been lately!  Take two crazy kids, mix them with Momma’s spring fever, add in trying to maintain a paying freelance gig – and you’ve got my wild life! 

A little bit about the recent happenings around our house…


Monkey is just a few weeks away from turning three!  He gets smarter, more talkative and increasingly independent every day.  The above photo is of the first time he got dressed all by himself.  His clothes absolutely don’t match, his shorts are on backward, and his shoes are on the wrong feet – but he was so proud! 

This kid wears me out – chattering away all day, wanting to know where we’re going every morning, always on the go.  I can barely keep up with him these days! 

We’re hard at work planning his 3rd birthday party – a fire truck theme.


Kennedy is still the sweetest baby I’ve ever met.  She’s getting a little more demanding as she gets older, which has been a challenge for me.  It’s been interesting to learn to juggle the needs of the two of them all day long! 

She just got her first haircut, and she is trying desperately to start crawling.  She says “Da-da” and “Na-na” (momma) perfectly.  I am loving springtime and being able to dress her in cute sundresses! 

Oh the joy of having a girl!


The weight loss is still slowly truckin’ along.  I started a weight loss challenge with some of the moms in my Moms Club two weeks ago, and I’ve lost 2 pounds in that time. 

9 pounds to go until wedding weight, which is the smallest I’ve ever been.  I’m not sure I’ll get there – I feel pretty happy at the weight I’m at, and I’m sort of coasting at this point! 

I’ve been going to the gym a lot, and have really started to enjoy yoga.  Honestly, just feeling healthy and fit is great, and those extra 9 pounds aren’t a huge focus for me right now.


I’ve been keeping myself busy with sewing projects.  I made Easter dresses for Kennedy and I.  (Hers is above.  Mine is coming in a later post.)  I still have to make ties for the boys – I should probably get on that, huh? 

I also have an incomplete Lisette dress on my sewing table, as well as a stuffed bunny for Kennedy and some pants that need to be hemmed.  The to-do list never ends, and the patterns and fabric in my stash continue to stack up!


I’ve been covering some local news stories for the Pasadena Patch, in addition to writing my weekly Patch columns.  I’ve been getting to go to all kinds of events, and meet some great members of the community. 

I’m having a love affair with freelance writing, and have been applying for other interesting positions when they come up. 

The picture above is of a ham and oyster dinner I went to a little while back – yum!


Things are hectic right now, but I’m trying to stop here and there and just enjoy the kids and the house and the wonderful husband I’ve been blessed with.  (I also just bought tickets to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys with some girlfriends – and I am thrilled for some down time/a girl’s night out!) 

We have a tree in our front yard that I am in love with.  I keep meaning to post about it, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  Right now, it’s blooming with amazing, pink cherry blossoms – it’s gorgeous!

I stand on the front porch and stare at it several times a day, thinking how much that little tree reflects our life – blooming, beautiful, bountiful – it’s nice to have such a lovely reminder of how blessed we are!



Kristina said...

Sounds like life is good!! Monkey could have done a lot worse getting dressed! At least he got the red pants go with the red accents on the Diego shirt! Kennedy is darling and you look great!! You have a beautiful family!!


April E. :) said...

TT, this all makes my heart swell. I am just so happy for you and all that God has blessed you with...not to get sentimental, but I am just loving where life is taking us! Those children are beautiful, you are an amazing friend and life has so much more headed your way I imagine! I love my TT and can't wait to laugh, live and love like a teenage girl on May 29th with you! :)

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