April 21, 2011

I’ve never paid for a sewing machine.

My first sewing machine was a freebie from Craigslist several years ago.  It was old, and had some problems, so my wonderful neighbor (and sewing mentor) Trisha let me borrow her extra machine while I learned the ropes. 

A few months ago, Andrew snagged me a free machine at a Freecycle “Free-For-All.”  This baby was brand new, and had just been sitting in someone’s basement until they decided to get rid of it.  I cleaned it up and oiled it, and it’s the machine I’ve been using ever since!

There’s a new thrift store near our house that has been holding once-a-month “free” flea markets, where they give away things they haven’t been able to sell in the store.  We went this past weekend and I found this beauty…for free!


It was a little dirty, and needs some parts, but I knew I could clean it up!  The power cord/foot pedal was missing, but the best part was that my current machine is a Brother, and the power cord I already have fit this one!


The needle was actually rusted into the needle clamp!  A little soak in machine oil and it came loose.


It needed a little TLC, that’s for sure!


As you can see, it cleaned up nicely and I got the needle working again! 

It needs it’s own power cord, a bobbin shuttle and a new pin in the needle clamp – but I’m thrilled with it, and I’m sure I’ll have fun hunting for deals on the missing parts!

I’ve always wanted to have two machines so friends can come over to sew, or so I can teach friends how to sew if they want to learn.  Snagging this machine was a total blessing – I’m so excited about it!



Liz said...

sewing party!!

Michelle said...

Hey Terri,

This is Michelle from What This Mom Knows. I saw your comment about the Pasadena Patch but I didn't get an email. I went and looked through but I didn't see anything.

I had some truble with my email last week so if you sent it then, it may have gotten lost. Feel free to send it again. This is my email address:


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