May 8, 2011

Project 365: Weeks 108 & 109

Can you make Mother’s Day resolutions?  If so, mine is to start blogging more frequently.  Allow me to catch up our 365!

project 365



April 20, 2011:  The kids and I hit up the dollar store and the snowball stand (that sells plants) to put together two window boxes for our back porch.  The previous owners left two sets of brackets to hold window boxes, and I was excited to fill them up!


April 21, 2011:  One of the first presents I received when I found out Kennedy was a girl was this cute, pink Puma track suit from Ashley.  We broke out the 12 months clothes for our little chunky girl, and I was thrilled to find this in the box!


April 22, 2011:  We had been on the hunt for a cheap outdoor dining set, when I found this wrought iron set on freecycle.  It’s an indoor set, but we re-covered the seats with outdoor fabric and made it work for our back porch!


April 23, 2011:  Leaving out carrots for the Easter Bunny on the night before Easter!  I had to de-thaw frozen carrots, because I forgot to buy fresh ones.  The Bunny didn’t seem to mind!


April 24, 2011:  Happy Easter!  We had a great day – opening Easter baskets with the kids, going to church, and spending the afternoon at my Grandma’s with my family.  I made matching dresses for Kennedy and I, and the boys wore matching blue polos – too cute!


April 25, 2011:  Sophie is always in trouble lately.  She’s been peeing and pooping on the carpet, and I’m thinking of selling her to the circus.


April 26, 2011:  Look who learned to hold her own bottle – finally!  Life is much easier around here now that I can put Kennedy on the floor with a bottle and let her feed herself.


April 27, 2011:  Andrew sent me to a salon near the house for a manicure and pedicure.  So relaxing – and I loved the girl who did my nails so much that I ended up scheduling an appointment for her to highlight my hair the following week.


April 28, 2011:  Bennet started getting birthday presents in the mail!  Kennedy enjoyed helping him check out all of his goodies, and he did a fairly good job sharing with her.


April 29, 2011:  Bennet’s preschool class took a field trip to the zoo.  We spent most of the day walking around with two of his best pals, Zachary and Isaiah, and their parents.


April 30, 2011:  I scored some yard sale leftovers for free from freecycle.  Kennedy and Bennet loved playing with all of my finds in the driveway.  It kept them busy all afternoon!


May 1, 2011:  We celebrated Bennet’s 3rd birthday with a Fire Truck themed party!  I’ll post more about it this week – but it was a grand affair!


May 2, 2011:  For Bennet’s actual birthday, we went to a Japanese steak house with my family.  He had a good time, but was a little afraid of the fire!


May 3, 2011:  Kennedy and I spent our morning grocery shopping at Aldi.  I love our mornings together while Bennet is in school!


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