May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day.

I had such an amazing Mother’s Day this year.  Andrew and the kids are wonderful, and they made my day so special! 

My present from my three favorite people was to get my hair highlighted.  I had stopped highlighting my hair over two years ago, when I started staying home with Bennet.  I missed the blonde quite a bit, and since I am doing some freelance writing now, I think I can afford the upkeep again!  I found a great salon near our house, and the wonderful lady who does my hair spoils me with unlimited glasses of wine – so she’s a keeper!


There’s a photo of the blonde-ness, from a date night we went on this weekend.  I love it – and I feel like my old self again!  Best Mother’s Day present ever!



My sweet husband made me a yummy breakfast full of all my favorite things – carbs and bacon – yum!


We visited our old church in the city because friends of ours were having their daughter dedicated in the service.  Mat and Krissy are amazing friends, and we’ve all known each other since way back before we even had babies – so it’s a joy to celebrate special moments in their girls’ lives with them!


She’s a cutie, huh?  Bennet’s fond of her and of her big sister – Who can blame him?


I even got to pick what I wanted for dinner that night, so I chose cheeseburgers on the grill and pasta salad.  Again – I have a weakness for carbs and cheeseburgers.  Eek.


I am so thankful for these little babies, who have made me a mom and who teach me new things every single day.  I’m also thankful for my wonderful husband who works hard so I can stay at home with these sweeties.  I’m blessed, and I’m even more blessed to have been so spoiled on my Mother’s Day!


Negin said...

Happy Mother's Day :)
very nice pictures , i like them so much thank youuuuuu^_^

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