May 11, 2011



We took the kids to the carnival last night!  The fire department across the street from us holds the event every year, and we knew Bennet would absolutely love it.


His best friend, Zachary, and his family came along – which made the night even more special.  The boys had so much fun riding all of the rides.


I love how when Bennet says “cheese” for a picture, he ends up looking like he is in distress.  Oh well.


Kennedy was, as always, super sweet.  Baby girl is always along for the ride, and never complains.  I love her so.


Andrew and I made sure to get in on the carnival fun, too.  I played some ski ball, and Andrew rode the ferris wheel with Bennet.


Bennet woke up this morning jabbering on and on about the carnival.  It was a huge hit!  Today, at lunch with my grandma, Bennet told her that he “could see home from way up in the sky” on the ferris wheel – too cute!


He probably could, too!  We only live across the street from the fire department!

While you’re here, I’d love if you could do me a favor!  Our church is hosting a giveaway for season passes to Six Flags!  If you’d vote for my entry in the contest, I’d be so grateful!

To do so, visit our church’s facebook page here:

“Like” the church page, and then find our photo on the church’s wall.  We’re The Peters Family!  When you find our photo, “like” it – that’s it!  You may have just helped me and my family win some passes to Six Flags!  Thanks!


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, the fact that he's saying cheese in that picture just CRACKED me up!!!

Bennet is sooooooo cute!!!

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