April 5, 2011

Project 365: Week 104

Last week of this year’s Project 365! I can’t believe I have done this faithfully for two years. I am planning to go for three – so the next 365 post you see will be the kick-off for a new year of memories!

project 365


March 23, 2011: Bennet loves to build “Mommy Town” on his train table. We name places such things as “The Mommy Town Mall,” and “The Mommy Town Memorial Bridge.”


March 24, 2011: I’ve had to start enlisting Bennet’s help with keeping Kennedy awake when we’re driving home and its close to nap time. He shakes her and yells, “WAKE UP, BEANIE!”


March 25, 2011: A ham, cheese, and strawberry masterpiece created with the plate that my dear friend, April, gave Bennet for Christmas.


March 26, 2011: My family met for dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday, but the restaurant was so crowded that we had to sit at a counter-height table in the bar area. The waitress stacked 4 high chairs on top of each other so that Kennedy could reach the table. It was surprisingly sturdy, and she seemed to like being up so high! She reminded me of the Princess and the Pea – all stacked up on chairs like mattresses!


March 27, 2011: Bennet loves playing hide and seek with Andrew in the evenings after dinner. He stopped running upstairs to hide for just a second and I got to snap a picture!


March 28, 2011: Bennet and I sat on the floor for quite a while, building the same block tower and knocking it over again and again. It’s amazing the things that keep toddlers occupied!


March 29, 2011: Fat babies looooove homemade pizza!


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