April 6, 2011

Bennet’s Safari Prize.

A while back, I posted a book review about a book that we are still loving – The Dragon and the Turtle.  The folks at Blogging for Books have since sent us the second book in the series – The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari.  I’ll be posting a review on that one soon, but I’ll tell you now that it’s just as cute as the first, and Bennet has loved it ever since it came into our house!

Random House held a contest this winter to promote The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari, and Bennet and I decided to participate.  To enter, you had to make some type of craft of Roger and Padraig (the characters) and take a photo of them on an adventure at your house.  On a snow-day, Bennet and I used our time stuck indoors to make our dragon and our turtle out of Model Magic.


For our big adventure, we took them outside in the snow, and took photos of them in a snow castle – which was really Bennet’s toy castle that we keep outside on the back porch. 


I e-mailed our photo off to Random House, and was thrilled a few weeks later when I found out that we had won!  I was told that Bennet would be receiving a “Safari Kit” as his prize, and that it would arrive in a few weeks.  When an enormous box showed up on our porch, I was shocked!  Bennet’s prize was more than I ever expected we’d receive.  Random House rocks!



We received:  A huge safari tent, two safari sleeping bags, a stuffed monkey, a stuffed giraffe, a telescope, a compass, a magnifying glass, all the fixin’s for smores, gummy bugs, copies of both Dragon and Turtle books, and a jungle flashlight that makes animal sounds!  Wow!  Needless to say, I had one excited little guy on my hands!


The sleeping bags and tent stayed set up in our living room for quite a few days. 


Even now that it’s all packed away, Bennet asks me quite often when he gets to sleep in the back yard in his tent with Daddy.  I’m so happy for him – what a cool prize for him to get!


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