April 6, 2011

project 365: week 105

New year of 365!  Say hello to year #3!

project 365


March 30, 2011:  A busy morning!  The kids and I went to the gym, and then to a play date at the mall with my Moms Club.  Afterward, we had lunch with my friend Kristen and her little ones.  Bennet and Hunter rode on some rides together on our way out to the car.  Such cute boys we have!


March 31, 2011:  My ridiculous daughter!  Not only did she manage to get herself covered in her food at diner, but she also kept insisting on pulling her socks off and chewing them.  Nice, Beanie.


April 1, 2011:  Look who’s learning to stand!  AND, look who’s getting big enough to play at the mall play place!


April 2, 2011:  I made Bennet’s weekend by making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.


April 3, 2011:  Kennedy recently discovered Bennet’s Little People barn, and absolutely loves sitting and playing with all of the animals.


April 4, 2011:  Such a pretty day outside!  The temperature got up to almost 80 degrees!  The kids and I played on the back porch after nap time, and Beanie loved the warm weather.


April 5, 2011:  Date night!  Andrew and I tried a Mexican restaurant nearby that we’d never been to before.  It was amazing!  I’m still day dreaming about the fried yucca.  Mmm.


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