October 19, 2011


My little princess is obsessed with her Daddy right now.  All day, while Andrew is at work, she asks for “Da-Dee!” 

2011-10-18 11.58.47 - Anne1

Yesterday, Andrew met us at a park near his work for lunch.  Kennedy, of course, was beyond excited.

2011-10-18 11.59.09 - Josh1

Today, we met Andrew for lunch for a friend's pre-maternity-leave luncheon, and I thought Miss Bean should dress accordingly for her lunch date with her “Da-Dee.”


While it’s sad that, once Andrew walks through the door in the evenings, she is no longer my baby – it’s also so sweet to see her loving her Daddy so much.

I was a Daddy’s girl until the day my dad passed away.  So, while she may not want to be around me when Daddy’s in the house, she’s a lot more like me than she knows. 

She’s also going to be disappointed tomorrow when we don’t meet “Da-Dee” for lunch.


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