October 18, 2011

Apple Picking.

I recently heard from a dear friend that keeping up with the Peters via blog has been missed – so I thought I’d #1 – tell Colleen that we love her and #2 – start trying to keep things up-to-date a little more.  The world of freelance has been keeping me busy – but I do miss interacting with all of you.  Here goes my best effort!

This weekend we spent an afternoon apple picking – one of our favorite fall activities.  We have a long-standing tradition of going fruit-picking twice a year with our friends, Mike and Rachel, and their boys – and this year was no exception!

Our friends, Kurt and Kristi joined us this year as well, and spoiled us by bringing a lunch of cheeses, bread and wine to enjoy at the orchard – yum!

Bennet has become best pals with the Marino boys, even though they’re slightly older than he is!  He spends great portions of the day asking me things like, “What do you think the boys are doing today?,” or “Do you think the boys would like this sweatshirt?”  Oy.


Kennedy was too small for apple-picking last year, so this was her first time getting to eat yummy apples, fresh off the tree!


She rode around in her wagon like a little princess, and took a bite out of several apples through the course of the day.


Bennet loved picking apples, but other than eating them sliced, I haven’t been able to get him on board with any recipes we’ve used them in.  Rachel made us an awesome Autumn Stew post-picking, filled with apples and veggies and pork.  Bennet, of course, hated it.  Last night, I made Baked Chicken with Bacon-Wrapped Apples – also a dud by Bennet’s standards.  Picky-eating toddlers are so not my fav.


Our babies are getting so big!  We are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to spend our days with them, even when those days are stressful and challenging!

Tonight’s menu is leftover Bacon-Wrapped Apples.  I also have a pie crust in the fridge that’s calling out to become an apple pie – we’ll see!

Apple picking is one of my favorite parts of fall.  I’m so thankful for the beautiful weather, my sweet family, and the great friends we got to share the day with!


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