July 25, 2011

Kids Bowl Free!

Why, hello!  Long time, no see.  Not sure where this blog is headed, but for now, I though I’d pick up where I left off, telling the world about my beautiful children.  They’re really growing up fast – and are keeping me pretty busy – obviously.

We had the opportunity this morning to participate in the Kids Bowl Free program at a local bowling alley near our home.  Some of my awesome friends from Moms Club and their kids joined us and we had an amazing time!


Have you ever seen anything cuter than a preschooler in bowling shoes?  I doubt it.


This was Bennet’s first ever time going bowling, and he was bouncing-off-the-walls excited for the entire duration of the drive there.  The bowling alley was awesomely kid-friendly, blocking off the gutters, and allowing the kids to use those cool, metal contraptions that help them let their ball loose.


The promotion gave us all two free games of bowling, but I’d guess we were about 3/4 of the way through the first game when all the kids started losing interest or melting down.  We promptly cut our losses and called bowling day a success!


Kennedy even got in on the action, crawling everywhere and checking out the bowling balls.  She’s such a toddler now!


I’m sure we’ll do some more free bowling before the summer’s through – especially now that we know how much Bennet loves it!


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