January 1, 2012


I’m hoping that my mind will follow as I make a physical attempt to de-clutter my home in 2012.  Last night, we said goodbye to 2011 – a year of epic changes, failures and successes for me – and I am looking forward to a new year, fresh and filled with opportunities.

Pinterest has become an addiction for me in recent months, and I was thrilled that my nightly pinning obsession led me to a 2012 de-cluttering guide.  One simple activity per day, and my home will get an extreme clutter make-over!

2012-01-01 19.09.43-1 - Bob,Metal,Sloppy

January 1st’s big activity was simple – spend the day pondering what kind of person I want to be this year.

This year, I want to gain confidence in areas where I lack it.  I want to strengthen both my relationship with the Lord, and relationships with the people I care about.  I want to go through an entire year without dieting – to stop being stressed out about eating and overeating – to develop a balance between healthy eating and working out.

Instead of a resolution for the year, Andrew and I have pledged to take on monthly health/fitness challenges – things such as no fried food, eating vegetarian or making it to the gym every day.  I’m hoping that making small changes each month will add up to some long-term changes by this time next year!

Over Andrew’s vacation from work this week – we made several de-cluttering trips to thrift stores, donating things we no longer use around the house.  I can’t wait to go a level deeper with purging the clutter from our house. 

Clutter, baggage, drama – consider this your notice!  I’m cutting all of you out of our lives in 2012!

Happy New Year!



Abby and Avery's Butterflies said...

I just started blogging myself, and it feels so good to get things off my chest. I need to follow your advice with getting rid of drama and negativity in my life, that's a wonderful thing :).

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