January 2, 2012

Our Own Bowl Game

Today is the last day of Andrew’s Christmas vacation – which lasted nearly two weeks!  We’ve had a great day lounging around the house, watching football and eating all of the leftovers out of our fridge!

Our babies were dressed in their finest Penn State gear for what ended up being a not-so-successful game.

2012-01-02 08.37.53 - Julia,Clean

At least they looked cute!

During the game, Bennet insisted on getting a football from the outside toy box and playing “Penn State Ball” with Daddy.


Kennedy wanted to play, too – but she was not a fan of getting tackled and losing the ball!


In the end, Bennet gave her a few turns throwing the ball on her own, which made for one happy baby sister!


I can’t believe vacation is over.  Tomorrow, it’s back-to-work for Daddy and back-to-the-normal-routine for the kids and I! 

I’m sure I’ll be good and ready for Andrew’s car to pull into the driveway tomorrow evening!



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