January 20, 2012

Ten Little Things, vol.1

So, as Bennet would say, I’m “really into” this blog I stumbled across last week – E Tells Tales.  I love this girl – her writing style, her stories, her craftiness – I feel like we’d be besties in real life.  (I know that’s creepy, but I promise I’ve only ever felt this way about one other gal in the entire blogosphere – Wendy from Wendonlina.”)

I’ve been looking for a Project-365-esque way to share things from our week – so I was pumped to see the “Ten Little Things” link-up on Elizabeth’s blog!

SO…here goes nothing -- ten little snippets from our week…

1.  The bulk of my week has been spent being sick.  All that taking care of my sick kids finally caught up to me, and I’ve been coughing like a chain smoker!  Kennedy and I made a trip to the CVS Minute Clinic while Bennet was at school on Wednesday, and I left with a bronchitis diagnosis and lots of fantastic drugs.

2012-01-18 09.42.35

Have you ever seen a grosser table?  CVS had it in the pharmacy area for kids to play at while waiting for prescriptions.  I was sick, we had a 20-minute wait for my prescriptions, and Kennedy was having a ball – so I just rolled with it and ignored the nastiness.

2.  Sunday was NOT a happy football-watching day in our house.  We may live in Baltimore, but we are under no circumstances fans of the Ravens, and we would have loved to see them lose!


The only team we dislike as much as we dislike Baltimore is New England, but since we don’t have to live near New England fans, we’re “Team Brady” this coming weekend!  Go Pats!

3.  Another Sunday occurrence was that our church launched their first Sunday broadcasting their services live on the internet.  Check out Pastor Dan on our TV!


This was fabulous timing, as I was a few days into my sickness, and we had planned to skip church.  Truth be told, I’m slightly tempted to watch church from home in my PJ’s with a Bloody Mary in hand from here on out.

4.  Bennet’s head-wound is healing nicely!  I’m anxious for the glue to come off so I can start putting Mederma on it to help with the scarring.  It’s still hanging in there, though!


For those of you who don’t know – B tripped over K when they were playing in the living room a few weeks ago and split his forehead open/needed a trip to the urgent care clinic to have it glued back together!

5.  I wanted an activity table for the beebs for the upstairs, but didn’t want one of the big, plastic “Step 2” looking tables in my living room.  We found this gorgeous, espresso-colored table on the Target website 75% off – and jumped on it!


Both wee ones are loving the new addition, and have been breaking it in with much coloring, Lego-building and puzzle-assembling.

6.  Do your kids have blankets they sleep with/tote everywhere?


Kennedy and Bennet both have blankets named “Sheet,” that are silky and snuggly and get lots of love!  No one naps or goes to bed without them around here, and Kennedy often sneaks her “Sheet Sheet” on car rides, too.

7.  An epic happening in the Peters home this week was that I finally moved the majority of kid toys to the basement.  We’ve been using the basement as a pseudo-playroom for the kids since we moved in, but Kennedy has not really been old enough to play down there independently until now.  It’s amazing “mommy time” when they disappear to the basement every afternoon to play and watch DVDs!


They DID move all play food from the play kitchen into the bathroom to “make a grocery store in the bathroom,” but I was willing to let it go for the hour or so of peace it bought me.

8.  I’ve really been into beer this week.  I’m a wine-girl by nature, so why my sickness has made me crave beer, I do not know.

2012-01-19 17.45.50

Perry enjoyed the cardboard box.  I do so love having kitties in the house.

9.  A bean.  In a basket.  With “Sheet Sheet.”


Cuteness.  Also – see the pretty basket she is sitting in?  I have reduced all colorful plastic and obnoxious child toys in the living room to whatever fits in three of those baskets.  Everything else is in the basement or in their rooms.  So nice.  So non-cluttered.

10.  One of the many updates to our home as I am de-cluttering.  Our friend, Rose, passed this beautiful, walnut coffee table on to me – and I just love it!

2012-01-13 18.06.01

I wanted a runner to tie in some of our living room colors, but couldn’t find one the right size, so I sewed two kitchen towels from Target together to make my own!

What little things has your family been up to this week?


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