June 30, 2012

Fifteen Minute Update, vol. 2

Heat wave in our neck of the woods!  Yesterday was 107-degrees, and I have no clue what’s going on out there today.  I’m inside in the AC, napping, blogging and being otherwise lazy.


My baby turns two in two weeks!  We’re working on a Frances birthday party for her – check out my handmade invitations.  So often, I’m too busy to dabble in crafts, so it’s always nice to see I’ve still got it. 


This time last weekend, we were wedding-crashing at a winery, sans children, in State College, PA.  My wonderful in-laws kept an eye on the littles for the weekend so we could go away on a mini-vacation.  We shopped, we drank wine, we ate yummy food, we crashed someone’s wedding.  Again, good to know we’ve still got it.  We spend so many nights exhausted from baby-rearing that it’s good to know we can still party.


We were shopping at Target the other day and found these pajamas on the clearance rack.  (Man, I love Target clearance sales.)  Bennet’s has Spider Man “webs” under the arms made out of mesh, and Kennedy’s has a Batman cape on the back.  Adorableness.


Yikes!  Bennet hit his head at a play date this week and ended up having to get two staples in his scalp.  I was way more freaked out than he was – he handled the whole thing with a sense of calm that amazed me.  Afterward, I bought him a Chick-Fil-A milkshake for being so brave and he said to me, “Mom, do you know who made me be so brave?  God.”  Oh, cuteness.


I’ve been focusing time on reconnecting with old friends lately.  My dear friend Anne Marie – who I haven’t hung out with in years – recently came back into my life after I bumped into her at a birthday party.  Our friends Steve and Shelley and their sweet little one, Leela,  have been around a lot lately, which we love.  This lovely lady in the picture above, Kristi, came over with her hubbs for some back porch wine-drinking a few weeks ago and it was amazing to catch up with her/them. 

I’m actually headed out on a girl-date with her tonight – dinner and some Magic Mike.  Not sure if Magic Mike is my kind of movie – but Kristi is my kind of friend and I am so looking forward to hanging out!

Two posts this month.  Yay, Terri Peters.  Don’t call it a comeback.


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