September 22, 2012

HCG Weight Loss: Week 3, Update 2

Starting Weight: 194.0

Current Weight: 180.5

Pounds Lost: 13.5!

Moving.  Right.  Along.  Almost 14 pounds down on the Trim Nutrition HCG program, and still going!  I can’t say enough times how great I feel on this diet.  Light, energized, healthy – it’s totally been worth it!

2012-09-19 17.49.23

I made this loveliness for dinner the other night – chicken curry and Indian-spiced spinach.  Have I mentioned how much I love Zevia soda yet? 

I need to work on a “things that I love for the HCG diet” post, as I have found so many awesome products that have made things easy peasy along the way.

I lost 3.5 more inches this week, for a total of…

21.5 inches!!!

I know any morning now, I’m going to wake up and be in the 170’s, and I can’t wait!

My next step with Trim Nutrition will be a month of their 20/30 Rapid Leaning Program – a high protein, low carb diet and supplement plan that will see me through until the next round of HCG.  It should be here some time this week, and I can’t wait to check it out.

Today is day 22 of my HCG cycle – only 9 days left until my maintenance month!

I’m really looking forward to upping my calorie intake and getting back into the gym.  Sticking only to moderate walking for a month has been hard for this elliptical and spin class addict!

Interested in checking out Trim Nutrition for yourself?  Trim Nutrition offers vitamin injections and weight-management products that fit every lifestyle.  Visit their website and check them out!  Enter code “TERRIHCG” in the additional comments section when you check-out to let them know you heard about their products from this blog!

Disclosure: I received a 28-Day HCG Kit for review from Trim Nutrition.  I am not being compensated for my review of this product, nor for my opinions of the product. I always give my honest opinions, feelings and beliefs about the products reviewed on this blog.


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Chrystal Horst said...

Any progress on "the things I love on HCG" post?! I'm re-reading your blogging along the way of your first round of HCG since I'm on day 3 :-D

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