September 24, 2012

Keurig Vue House Party

I love House Party!  If you’ve never heard of them, they’re an amazing marketing company that allows average people like me to host parties in our home to promote new products, TV shows and more.  I’ve done quite a few House Party events over the years, and really love ‘em!

2012-09-24 07.20.53

I recently was selected to host a party featuring the new Keurig brewer – the Vue.  We’ve been using a Keurig brewer for several years, and love it.  I can’t say enough good about the customer service experiences we’ve had with Keurig, and about the quality of the brewers and the beverages.  I was really excited to host this party and show off what the new Vue brewer can do!


House Party and Keurig really hooked me up!  I received a new Vue brewer and tons of V-cups, in addition to cookies, mints, cups, napkins and all sorts of other awesome goodies.

IMG_20120913_120806 (2)

I also found all of this cute coffee-themed stuff in the Dollar Spot at Target, and just knew it would make the perfect addition to the morning!

2012-09-24 07.21.29

I had my party this morning, and invited lots of moms and kiddos over to play, chat, and drink coffee!  Everyone felt so spoiled getting to make fancy drinks like cappuccinos and sweet teas with the Vue – and I loved being able to do something fun for all my mommy friends.

2012-09-24 09.31.38

I can’t thank the awesome people over at House Party or Keurig enough for sharing this opportunity with my friends and I.  Yay!

2012-09-24 10.23.30


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